Today In Focus: Is prime minister Boris Johnson leading us to a no-deal Brexit?

Boris Johnson will enter Downing Street this afternoon as Britain’s new prime minister. But Britain is still hurtling to the Brexit deadline of 31 October – with parliament rising this week for its summer recess. Rowena Mason and Daniel Boffey map out the coming months as Johnson’s plan comes into contact with the harsh realities in Brussels. Plus: Rebecca Nicholson on comedy and canned laughter

Today In Focus: Stranded in Pakistan: why did the Home Office deny a baby a visa?

Nina Saleh, a British resident for 20 years, travelled to Pakistan to adopt a baby and was then repeatedly denied a visa, leaving her trapped abroad for months on end. Plus: Zoe Williams on what her time as a waitress taught her about being a good diner In 2018 Nina Saleh, a British resident, travelled to Karachi, Pakistan, to adopt a child, Sofia. Direct adoption from Pakistan to the UK is not allowed as there is no inter-country adoption agreement in place. Instead, couples or individuals com

Today In Focus: The real Boris Johnson: politician or journalist?

The Tory leadership hopeful has long attempted to hold down careers in both politics and journalism. As he hopes to take over as prime minister, his biographers Sonia Purnell and Andrew Gimson look at what his career in newspapers says about his character and abilities for the top job in UK politics. Plus: Sabrina Siddiqui on the widespread condemnation of Donald Trump’s racist remarks about four congresswomen

Today In Focus: Stop and search is discriminatory, so why is it on the rise?

The first stop and search Jamal ever experienced was when he was 11 years old. Now, at 24, he has been stopped numerous times. Most recently, a stop became aggressive and he was hit in the face with handcuffs, but was charged and convicted with assaulting an officer. There is little evidence stop and search works in combating violent crime, but critics say it disproportionately targets young black men