Is ill-health holding back the UK economy?

Growing numbers of people are leaving the jobs market because of long-term illnesses. It’s coming at a huge personal and national cost, says economics editor Larry Elliott New figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest there are 2.8 million people classified as not looking for work because of health issues – up from the 2.6 million previously estimated and a one-third increase on the 2.1 million before the Covid-19 pandemic. As the Guardian’s economics editor, Larry Elliott, tells

Why the military are the real winners of Pakistan’s election

After loudly criticising the army, Imran Khan, reported to be Pakistan’s most popular politician, has been hit with several jail sentences. Mehreen Zahra-Malik reports Pakistan’s elections are usually noisy affairs – with raucous rallies, trucks blaring campaign slogans and politics dominating conversations. But, says journalist Mehreen Zahra-Malik, today’s election is one that feels like no other. While the PML-N’s Nawaz Sharif is predicted to be the winner, it is Imran Khan who is said to be

The stories behind Europe’s unmarked migrant graves

What happens to the people who risk everything to get to Europe – and don’t survive the journey? Ashifa Kassam reports from Lanzarote Alhassane Bangoura was born on a rickety, overfull boat, travelling from Morocco to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. His mother was making the perilous journey that so many others have attempted, with the goal of reaching the safety of Europe and a new life. She would survive but her baby boy would not. He died on the boat during the crossing. As Ashifa Kassam
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